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Made Wianta

I Made Wianta was born in Apuan – Tabanan, Bali in 20 December 1949. His Father was a pemangku or a temple caretaker in the local temple, and although he had hoped for Wianta to take over his place, Wianta chose a different path instead. After enrolling into school of fine arts in Denpasar, and also The Indonesian Academy of Fine Art in Yogyakarta, young Wianta went to Brussels, Belgium.  Even so, Made Wianta does not lose his vocation, he later creates artworks reflecting his spirituality and also conveying his love to his homeland, Bali.

Wianta’s style is a kind of abstraction that systematically used small dots of color with a mixture of linear contours and flat surfaces. He also creates geometrical constructions that combine spontaneous calligraphic strokes. He has participated in many group and solo exhibitions such as Venice Biennale (2003), Mike Weiss Gallery in New York (2005). His paintings are preserved in many galleries across the globe such as Neka Museum Ubud, Singapore Art Museum and Mizuma Art Gallery.

Made Wianta also shows his love to his homeland by creating marvelous artworks and art performances towards the social issues and the richness of cultures themselves. He does not contempt with paintings; he also makes installations, art performances and even write poems. One of his well-known installations is Dreamland, which recreated he horror of Bali bombings in 2002. Wianta brought enlarged photographs of the bombing to the slaughterhouse to procure the blood of cows, which are considered as a sacred animal in Bali, and applied them to the images of the wounded. His artistry has been documented in the books Made Wianta (1990), Made Wianta: Universal Balinese Artist (1999), Made Wianta: Art and Peace (2000), and Wild Dogs in Bali: The Art of Made Wianta (2005).

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