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Mersuka Dopazo was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1971 and since then has held numerous exhibitions in Europa and Asia.

Blessed with a vivid imagination and inborn drive to experiment with anything that falls in her hands, she is fully capable of tackling a wide range of subjets and techniques with the same spontaneous freedom that guide her innovative spirit, fearlessly and unhesitatingly. She began her carrier in 1990 influenced by her experiences of country living, however, it isfrom her multiple travels where che has derived most of her experience and inspiration for work.

What Mersuka Dopazo has achieved in her plastic work is an equilibrium between tradition and innovation, as well as the use of mediums and herdeliverness as a painter. An exact correlation, as few, between the attitude infront of the artistic fact and the emotional, technical and linguistic aptitude.

What implies a faithfulness to her inquisitive organizing capacity plus sensitive and life experienced stimuli, as to the subjective instruments that logic awards her.

The colors she has kept hidden just for her canvases may be interpreted as feelings and frames of mind..., not the person depicted, but hervery own self, the way she perceives her world, the way she analyses its sights and movements! Hidden in the innermost part of each one of us are magic wings which allow us to soar over a world to be discovered. She makes us dream and see the world as if we were little children again, as if we were seeing the world a fresh through a child’s eye. These wings unfurl in times of inspiration, magical situations, intense emotions, vibrant colors... wings are everywhere, all the time.

We need only to keep our minds open to new experiences and adventures. let’s enjoy life to the full, just like the artists and other artists before her have done.

Only then can the wonderful things the world has to offer be enjoyed, and only then can we appreciate Dopazo’s paintings with their vast assortment of themes and events. Every canvas is completely diferent from the previous one, no two are alike, and is dificult to find a connecting thread going through her art These works reflect what is our artist personality: passionate mystery.....

Art has been defined as a dianoethic virtue which governs man´s factic activity, as imitation, expression, complex translation, a way to social change, etc. non the less, art is above all the creation of an aesthetically valuable new object even though it can comprise other purposes as the ones mentioned previously. Some artists develop inherited aesthetical and technical principles; their creation does not assume unknown pathways, contributing to define and enrich a determined style. In the other hand, other manifest since their first works an opposing tendency based in the formulation of renovating ideals. However, between them there is an intermediate way taken by the ones that assume tradition and from it practice and project their originality. This is the point where it can be encased the creation of this young artist; Mersuka Dopazo.

Anyway, it's not easy to determine a priori Dopazo´s painting characters, even though, with regard to plastic solution, it is only because of the variety of themes and techniques. Its necessary to look for an explication to that perseverance in the paining´s space study, farther than the superficial appearance. It is about a contemplation that goes beyond the pure perception´s limit. When she expresses the result of her reflections, she formulates a language and a personal technique conformed little by little, painting by painting; without looking at nature as a simple object for imitation but as a meditations subject-matter which which drives her to creation: that is why she owns colour and form. But Mersuka discovers in herself her participation in the universe rationality: what explains her affection to collage This technique permits her to organize objects that constitute the model imposing an “ordo geometricus” which will be translated to the painting, establishing its composition.

By this way of subjective interpretation, the represented things do not maintain the physical qualities which form the eagerness in their object existence; still there is no negation of matter sensitive values: lets observe, for example, the crass en dense texture that she uses in some collages, in counterpoint to other almost watering-station brush-strokes, even when both are juxtaposed; it is about, however, another sensuality of signs: the one conferred by the artist according to her aesthetical concept.
She is also interested in the man. It can be assert that her artistic humanism derives from the same principles: man inserted in one same cosmic modulation. Indeed, human figure accentuates sensuality through the structural function of the body. The static characters or the one in apparent movement compose strict geometries; as portraits they result like concrete studies of frontality and symmetry.


2014 Ari Purpa Gallery Seminyak  Bali - Indonesia
2014 Galeria Jorge Alcolea, Madrid - Spain.
2014 Kudeta, Bali - Indonesia
2014 Borobudur Auction , Singapore
2014 Master Piece, Jakarta - Indonesia
2013 Borobudur Auction , Singapore
2013 Exibition Duta Fine art Gallery, Jakarta - Indonesia
2013 Kudeta, Bali - Indonesia
2013 Feathers and Find Gallery Bali - Indonesia
2013 Living Karma Gallery Bali - Indonesia
2013 Purpa Gallery Ubud Bali - Indonesia
2012 Exibition Galery Sukyf, Canggu Bali - Indonesia
2012 Gallery Krisna, Ubud Bali - Indonesia
2011 Galery Tahlat Lot, Ubud Bali - Indonesia
2010 “10 Artistas” Exposición en La Moraleja Madrid - Spain
2009 Estampa, Obra sobre papel. Serigrafia de Osborne, Neveart Madrid - Spain 
2008 Sala de exposiciones de la casa de la cultura del Ayuntamiento de San Agustin de Guadalix ”Sensaciones de mujer” Madrid. Del 10 al 20 de Marzo
2007 Galería Recoletos Kince “Tapices de luz, Retazos de mi”. MADRID
2006 Galeria GAUDI. “El sabor de la pintura”. MADRID
2006 Galería P.E.A. Publicaciones Europeas de Arte. “Algo femenino” MADRID
2005 Espacio LOFT “ilustración de narraciones” MADRID
2005 Sala de Exposiciones UBS “Serie OSBORNE, Parte de mi”. MADRID
2004 Galeria P.E.A. Publicaciones Europeas de arte. “INDIA”. MADRID
2004 Obra Social Caja  Madrid. Espacio para el arte, Morata de Tajuña “Olores de la India”
2003 Espacio Imagina Experiencias. “Visiones”. MADRID
2003 Galeria P.E.A. “Proyecto color arte”. Velásquez 43. MADRID
2003 Feria Internacional Arte Contemporáneo M.A.C. 21 MARBELLA
2002 Sala de Exposiciones Executive Wealth Managment “Vivencias” Exposición permanente año 2001 2002. 102 Jeremyn Street SUI 6EE LONDRES
2002 Sala OSBORNE. Espacio para el arte. Caves da Casa Ferreirinha, Ribera de Gaia, Vilanova de Gaia. OPORTO PORTUGAL
2001 Galeria de arte “Viajes y Sentimientos” SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA
2000 Galeria P.E.A. “Mujer”. Velásquez 43. MADRID
2000 Espacio para el arte. Caves da Casa Ferreirinha, Riberia de Gaia 071 Vilannova de Gaia. OPORTO PORTUGAL
2000 Espcio para el arte Villareparacea. MADRID
1999 Galeria Nuevas Artes MADRID


2014 Affordable art Fair SINGAPORE
2014 Affordable art Fair HONG KONG
2007 Feria de Vigo
2005 Galería P.E.A. Publicaciones Europeas de Arte. “Sobre papel” MADRID
2004 Galería Herrainz. MADRID
2004 Feria Internacional de Arte de LA HAYA. HOLANDA
2004 Galería P.E.A. “Ilusiones”. MADRID
2004 Galería Molgrabia. Exposición benéfica. Aravaca. MADRID
2004 Feria de Arte 04. VALENCIA
2003 Séme Salon des Domaines del árt, PARIS
2003 Feria Internacional de Arte . PADUA. Italia
2003 Feria de Arte Moderno. OPORTO.  Portugal
2000 Galería ARPAIN Zurbano. MADRID
2000 Feria Muestrario Internacional. VALENCIA
2000 Galeria P.E.A. “Jóvenes Artistas”. MADRID

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